Cielo Pordomingo

Composer & Singer. #EmmyWinner

“Cielo Pordomingo, la vanguardia en el pop mexicano” - WARP (México)

“Cielo Pordomingo, una de las artistas más consolidadas dentro de la nueva ola de pop alternativo y de vanguardia” - The WMP (Mexico)

“La madurez que ha alcanzado el trabajo de Cielo se ve reflejada tanto en su música como en sus líricas… indispensable escuchar de principio a fin” - Revista Kuadro (Mexico)

"The mastery shown in composition, song arrangements, melodies, synthesis work and vocals!" - Sounds of the World (London)

“Music from a place of pure connection to and love for the art-form.. it is as creatively free as they come – yet it’s also beautifully mesmerising, and musically impressive in many different ways” - Stereo Stickman (London)

“It is easy to see how Cielo Pordomingo has become an international touring artist who makes Bjork’s style sound positively archetypal” - A&R Factory (London)

"Cielo Pordomingo has scratched at the surface of international notoriety with her most impressive single Beautiful Hole, encapsulating the breadth of her capabilities" - Speak Into My Good Eye (NY)



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