Fugaline portada.jpg


by Cielo Pordomingo

“Elegí otra línea. Tomá otro camino. Imagináte otra realidad. Cambiá. Jugá a ser feliz.”

FUGALINE is melodic, intimate, electronic, classical, asymmetric and explosive. Each song is a strong feeling that is projected into a story.

Electronic orchestral fusion through ten songs, defying your ears, and inviting to listen carefully the entire album.


Music, Lyrics, Arrangements, Orchestration, Voice and Choirs by Cielo Pordomingo.

Mixing, Mastering, Programming and Arrangements by Jay Jay Amaro.

Produced by Cielo Pordomingo and Jay Jay Amaro.

Recorded in Ambox Studio, Bania Sound House, Estudio Tierra Adentro and Cónica Studio.

Graphic Design by Karma Comunicacion.

**Collaboration in Lyrics of Escape and Marioneta by Sebastian Altmark.


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