Cielo Pordomingo

Composer & Singer. #EmmyWinner

“Cielo Pordomingo, la vanguardia en el pop mexicano” - WARP (México)

“Cielo Pordomingo, una de las artistas más consolidadas dentro de la nueva ola de pop alternativo y de vanguardia” - The WMP (Mexico)

“La madurez que ha alcanzado el trabajo de Cielo se ve reflejada tanto en su música como en sus líricas… indispensable escuchar de principio a fin” - Revista Kuadro (Mexico)

"The mastery shown in composition, song arrangements, melodies, synthesis work and vocals!" - Sounds of the World (London)

“Music from a place of pure connection to and love for the art-form.. it is as creatively free as they come – yet it’s also beautifully mesmerising, and musically impressive in many different ways” - Stereo Stickman (London)

“It is easy to see how Cielo Pordomingo has become an international touring artist who makes Bjork’s style sound positively archetypal” - A&R Factory (London)

"Cielo Pordomingo has scratched at the surface of international notoriety with her most impressive single Beautiful Hole, encapsulating the breadth of her capabilities" - Speak Into My Good Eye (NY)

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by Cielo Pordomingo

"La música es una fluorescente transmisión de energía en resonancia, que me permite respirar, vivir y amar."

D FRET is Fluorescent, Asymmetric, Explosive, Intimate, Electronic, Classical, Powerful, Gentle, Resonant. Each song is a journey of sounds and colors.

Includes electronic fusion of Argentine folk rhythms. Mixing classical sounds with synths, challenging the ears, and inviting to listen carefully the full album.

——— Available on CD and digital ———

Music, Lyrics, Arrangements, Voice and Choirs by Cielo Pordomingo.

Mixing, Recording, Programming and Arrangements by Jay Jay Amaro.

Mastering by John Gibbe.

Produced by Cielo Pordomingo and Jay Jay Amaro.

Strings Programming: Cielo Pordomingo and Natalí Castillo.

Trumpet: Armando Servín.

Trombone: Josué Servín.

Guitar of The Lump in my Throat, The Place of Death & Right Where it Belongs: David Ayala.

Guitar of de Draw a Line: Víctor Rivera.

Collaboration in Lyrics of The Lump in my Throat: Sebastian Altmark.

Recorded in Ambox Studio & Monkilab Studio.

Photography by Rodrigo Paredes.

Graphic Design by Karma Comunicacion.

**The Box, version of In The Box, published on the album Elephant Dreams by Lapse in 2003.

**Cover of Right Where It Belongs, published on the album With Teeth by NIN in 2005.

MEXICO, 2013.


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