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D FRET (2013)

by Cielo Pordomingo

"La música es una fluorescente transmisión de energía en resonancia, que me permite respirar, vivir y amar."

D FRET is Fluorescent, Asymmetric, Explosive, Intimate, Electronic, Classical, Powerful, Gentle, Resonant. Each song is a journey of sounds and colors.

Includes electronic fusion of Argentine folk rhythms. Mixing classical sounds with synths, challenging the ears, and inviting to listen carefully the full album.


-Music, Lyrics, Arrangements, Voice and Choirs by Cielo Pordomingo.

-Programming, Arrangements, Recording and Mixing by Jay Jay Amaro.

-Mastering by John Gibbe.

-Produced by Jay Jay Amaro and Cielo Pordomingo.

-Photography by Rodrigo Paredes.

-Graphic Design by Karma Comunicacion.

**The Box, version of In The Box, published on the album Elephant Dreams by Lapse in 2003.

**Cover of Right Where It Belongs, published on the album With Teeth by NIN in 2005.

**Collaboration in Lyrics of The Lump in my Throat by Sebastian Altmark.


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